Bucharest MARATHON’s first edition was in 2008, being the youngest event of its kind held in an European Union capital city. Started from the Northern part of the city, the track race was more outside, had only one lane dedicated to running, while the car traffic on all other streets lanes remained opened. Although only few hundred runners competed, the event could be considered a success (for those times).

17 years later, the event gathers 20.000 runners a the start, both professional and recreational, in dedicated competitive and non-competitive races, over 2 consecutive days. Now, the runners represent over 85 countries, while the competition:

  • (starting 2018) holds the World Athletics Road Races Label (previously known as “Bronze Label”);
  • is a AbbottWMM Wanda Age Group World Championships qualifier event.

Nevertheless, Bucharest MARATHON is the largest mass sports event in Romania and supports over 30 social causes. Thus, the event’s awareness is used create a good social and economical impact on local community.

Also important, the volunteering achieved new dimensions, based on the “Volunteers in Sport” platform, created by Bucharest RUNNING CLUB. It grew every year and now their support to the event comes from over 700 volunteers.

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